Anurag Soni

+1 352 870 8155

Kodiak Way
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Software Engineer

Waltham, MA, USA

  • Application Software Engineer working on PaaS Hotel Distribution Platforms
  • Helped design an asynchronous notification and job framework for the application
  • Developed a RESTful interface to our oracle data store
  • Initiated a move towards updating legacy code to modern C++
  • Helped refine and setup the test framework for the project

Software Developer

University of Florida
Gainesville, FL, USA

  • Created REST API's, and built modern web apps using AngularJS, php, node and NoSQL(MongoDB)
  • Implemented a centralized log monitoring server and reduced time spent to find relevant errors
  • Developed log parsers using C++ and data visualizations to monitor the health of the servers
  • Leveraged Elasticsearch to provide fast full text searching and kibana to visualize the content
  • Collaborated with a team of 5 in an Agile environment with daily scrums to maintain efficiency


MS in Computer Science

University of Florida
Gainesville, FL, USA

Coursework: Analysis of Algorithms, Data Structures, Expert Systems, Artificial Intelligence, Programming Language Principles

Bachelor of Technology - Computer Science And Engineering

Jaypee University of Information Technology
Waknaghat, HP, India

Languages and Technologies


  Python, SQL, Javascript

  Rust, Elixir

  Git, Vagrant

  Unix/Linux, MySQL


Ask Albert

PHP, HTML5, Oracle11g

  • Developed a Quora style forum website with ‘Advanced search’ and Question Recommendation Feature
  • Led a team of 4 and followed Agile Software Development Model to achieve


Common Lisp

  • Uses backtracking to solve a numbrix board puzzle
  • Can handle up to a 15x15 board

SubC parser


  • Developed a Lexical Analyzer, and Recursive Descent Parser for a subset language of C called SUBC


Ranked 6'th (out of a 100 teams) in a Hackathon held across Amadeus branches in USA, India and France. Developed a bot to play and defeat opponents in a Tron style game.